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Cool Doggs is a Division of Horizon Headwear, Inc.
PO Box 822, Waxahachie, TX 75168
(972) 938-8502
Cooling Dog Products

Even our four-legged friends need help avoiding the heat fatigue
 and heat stress, so we have provided cooling and heating products
 for our pets to keep them comfortable.


Heated Dog Products


About Us

Our venture into Cool Bandanas and Cool Doggs started out as what I thought was a joke.

Texas summers are brutal, but a friend of ours had a new product that he thought would be great in the heat down here.  He forced me to take a couple of boxes to the flea market and try it out. I was grumbling as I went in, but within a few hours we were sold out. Then people started calling for more. We started selling them to work crews, then construction companies, and then to other merchants. I couldn't believe the response.

Then one day, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram did a feature article on us. A Safety Director for a large steel company saw exactly what he was looking for to help his employees and tracked us down. We went into production and never looked back.

Today, we have moved our operations from utilizing other sewing contractors to our own manufacturing facility. We can now control the quality and production first hand and guarantee a better product than anyone else. We import the best and most expensive polymer, and carefully select the fabrics ourselves. This is a family business and our name is behind every bandana that goes out. We want it to be the best.

I know there will always be cheaper products from Asia, but we believe that we can do it better in America.
We hope you will find that we have lived up to that goal. 

Call us anytime. You'll find that we're just some regular folks just like you.

Dale & Cindy Garris

Horizon Industries
PO Box 822, Waxahachie, TX  75168
(972) 938-8502,  (800) 938-1911