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Cooling Dog Products

Even our four-legged friends need help avoiding the heat fatigue
 and heat stress, so we have provided cooling and heating products
 for our pets to keep them comfortable.


Heated Dog Products


Special Orders 

Custom Printing for Cool Bandanas

  • If you'd like your name or logo imprinted on the tails of the bandanas, we must have camera ready art
  • Cost = $1.25 per color for each design.  
  • Cost increases if additional colors or sizes change on the design.
  • Each color is one impression.  
  • Standard set-up fee of $35.00 per color
  • Choice of printing locations on the Cool Bandanas
    A) One Tail
    B) Both Tails
    C) Center Back
  • Minimum order of 100 pieces per design.
  • Full or 50% payment must be received before any fabric is ordered or artwork is done.
  • Productions Time:
    Approximately 4-6 weeks after the artwork and final quote are approved and payment is received.

Custom Material

A Particular fabric or design is harder to quote.  Cloth that is a certain design or an exact color can be hard to match and can affect the cost.  Some fabrics can be 4 to 5 times the cost of our regular fabrics, and since the fabric is a major cost factor in each bandana, it can really affect the price. 

 If you have a certain color that you want to match, (say for your company's uniforms), send us a swatch and let us find the most economical match for it.  If you can provide the material, so much the better. 

Other Custom Specs

Minimum order of 100 pieces for Special Orders.

Lead time can run to 3 or 4 weeks, sometimes a bit more. 
    What adds the time is that, for custom printing, we cut the fabric and then print before constructing the bandanas.

If there are any other products you would like printed, such as: Cool Doggs, Cool Banditos and Cool Rags;
please call us for design requirements and a custom quote.